1. When will book 5 of the fatemarked series come out? Can't wait!

  2. Hi Linda, thank you SO MUCH for your support, I'm so glad you're enjoying The Fatemarked Epic! I have only just started writing book five (only 40 pages in so far), but I am hoping to release it before the end of the year, sooner if I can :) In the meantime, can I offer you some signed Fatemarked bookmarks? If you send me an e-mail to with your mailing address I'll get them sent out right away. Also, if you haven't already, would you mind leaving reviews for each book on Amazon? It really helps me to find new readers. Thanks for everything and keep in touch!

  3. Just completed first three books of the Dwellers saga... But I haven't read the country saga yet. What should I do? Read the country saga and then the earth dwellers or directly read the earth dwellers?

    And btw David sir I love your books SOOOOOOOO Much!!! They have everything a good book needs... And believe me I know what a good book needs!!
    I also got the Fatemarked epic and Evolution trilogy, which I'll read after completing the dwellers saga!!!

    1. Wow, awesome! Thanks so much for stopping by and paying me such a high compliment, I really appreciate it! To answer your question, yes, you must read The Country Saga BEFORE The Earth Dwellers or you'll really be confused about half of what is happening :) I hope you enjoy it!

      I think you'll also enjoy The Fatemarked Epic, it's been my bestseller so far. As far as The Evolution Trilogy goes, you might not be as satisfied, it was my first series and I still had a lot to learn. You might enjoy The Slip Trilogy or Salem's Revenge more :) In any case, for all your incredible support, can I send you a couple signed bookmarks? If so, e-mail me your address to THANKS AGAIN for reading!


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